Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker

Aircraft Sheetmetal Workers are in demand! Aircraft Sheet Metalworkers manufacture sheet metal components from which aircraft are assembled. They mark off and cut sheet metal according to engineering drawings.

Armature Winder

The coil is a vital part of any electrical machine; if it breaks the motor will not work.
It is the job of the Armature Winder to locate the broken parts, remove them and either replace them with new ones or completely rewind all the coils.

Automotive Sheet Metal Worker

Do you want to be part of a team to build cars? If this phrase excites you – then, maybe a job as an Automotive Sheet Metal Worker is a job worth considering. Automotive Sheet Metal Workers cut and shape sheet metal components into the correct forms and sizes for the bodywork of vehicles.


Boilermakers are in demand! Boilermakers work in the heavy engineering industry and make boilers, engines and pressure-vessels.
They work with large sheets of metal to make parts for machines and equipment. If you imagine yourself as a metal worker and practically skilled, then a career in Boiler Making is for you!

Die Sinker and Engraver

A Die Sinker works with metal. They use special equipment and hand tools to make or create a specific hole or shape in steel blocks. The ‘holes’ or cavities are used as moulds for plastic manufacturing, coin making, or die casting. Die Sinkers also do engraving.

Industrial Engineer

An Industrial Engineer mixes engineering with business. They may work in many fields but their main job is to focus on increasing efficiency and saving the business money. Often, Industrial Engineers find themselves in managerial positions.

Industrial Engineering Technician

An Industrial Engineering Technician often works in a factory, manufacturing plant or in a warehouse. Their job is to make production etc more efficient and safe. Most Industrial Engineering Technician work alongside industrial engineers or other specialised professionals.

Industrial Engineering Technologist

An Industrial Engineering Technologist could work in many industries, factories, manufacturing and processing plants as well as warehouses. The may even work alongside Industrial Engineers or on their own in a company.

Metal Fabricator

A Metal Fabricator usually works with steel or other ferrous (iron-containing) metals. You have to be very responsible as it can be quite dangerous work at times. If you’re good with your hands and can handle stress, then maybe a job in metal fabrication is worth considering.

Tool | Jig and Die-Maker

A Tool Maker creates parts, tools, and dies for use in manufacturing plants. He or she works in a factory or machinist shop. A Tool Maker makes use of different tools and processes to produce new parts and machines.