In this industry,  there are about twenty different types of jobs that require some experience or training ranging from a brewer director to a brewery cellar worker.  Microbrewer pubs and microbreweries are often brewer-owned, so therefore the brewers do not only make and bottle beer, they also have administrative and management duties.  Most of them who become successful brewers enjoy science and working with people.  The method of brewing is complex.  Brewers store and receive raw materials, which they boil and mash.  They allow the ingredients to cool, remove yeast from the fermenting containers and then transfer the fermented beer to a vat where they add more ingredients, which is then allowed to mature.  Brewers also need to regulate the flow of carbon dioxide and adjust the pressure according to specifications before they pump the beer through a filter.  As the containers pass through the machines, brewers ensure that they are pasteurised, filled, capped, labelled and packed.  Brewers supervise brewery workers who operate high-speed machinery, e.g. bottle labellers and equipment used for washing bottles properly.