At the moment, the baking industry faces a critical shortage of skilled labour which impacts on productivity and the bottom line. These means – that becoming a Baker might ensure you have a job at the end of the day. A Baker works in a bakery. They bake and sell breads, cakes and similar foods. The boundary between a Baker and a Pastry Chef have blurred over the past few years, so some Bakers now bake pastries and confectioneries too.


A Barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. Barista jobs are popular all around the world. As the coffee grows internationally there are many work opportunities for good baristas. South Africa is no exception!


Brewers make various alcoholic drinks like beer and wine.


A Butcher is a professional who cuts and prepares meat for sale. They range from supermarket Butchers who work with already-slaughtered (killed) animals to traditional Butchers who travel to farms to kill the animals humanely themselves. Butchery is a skilled trade.


Does cheese make you drool? Are you a cheese lover or do you prefer chocolate? If the idea of making cheese excited you – why don’t you consider becoming a Cheesemaker?

Food Scientist and Technologist

They are responsible for applying the findings of research to the field of food processing, thus developing and improving products and processes to be more beneficial to both industry and consumer.

Food Technologist

A Food Technologist is not a Chef or a Dietician! Food Technologist are scientists and they’re in demand! Food Technology is the scientific study of the large-scale production and preservation of foods as well as the development and analysis of foodstuffs in industrial food processing facilities.


Millers are responsible for the processing of different types of grain, especially wheat and maize for baking and booking purposes.

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are in demand!

Here’s a finger-licking, sweet job for you! If you have a passion for food, particularly pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods, then becoming a Pastry Chef may be the job for you.

Wine Maker

Winemakers plan, supervise and coordinate the production of wine or spirits from selected varieties of grapes. Winemakers need an excellent sense of smell and taste, and should be able to think analytically to solve problems. They should be able to make accuarate observations, and need good interpersonal and communication skills.