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What is a Farm Worker?

A Farm Worker is a person who is hired to work on a farm.  Depending on the size and type of farm, the work may be either part-time (seasonal) or full time (permanent). 

Farm Workers may get hired on private small-holdings and small farms (eg farming bees or llamas) to large, industrial, agricultural operations like fruit or wine farms, cattle & sheep farms etc.

A Farm Workers work is usually manual work.  One has to be reasonable fit, strong and healthy to do the job well.  Some Farm Workers live on the farm in accommodation provided by the owner of the farm.

What does a Farm Worker do? 

(Depending on the nature/type of the farm):

  • ploughs and prepares the soil
  • plants, fertilises, cultivates, sprays, and irrigates
  • harvests crops and/or picks fruit
  • specialises in a particular type of crop or livestock through experience
  • feeds and monitors livestock and/or poultry (birds eg chickens)
  • milks cows
  • assists in animal births
  • cleans and sanitises equipment
  • operates and maintains farm machinery and equipment
  • builds and does general maintenance on the farm
  • checks farm fences:  erects and repairs
  • detects diseases in crops
  • checks for and treats disease/s in livestock and poultry
  • quality checks produce
  • packs and labels
  • transports produce or livestock to markets

Are you … ?

  • interested in farming?
  • a person who likes to work outdoors?
  • physically strong and healthy?
  • a team player?
  • responsible?
  • reliable?
  • observant?
  • mechanically minded?
  • practical?

How do I become a Farm Worker? 

No educational qualifications are necessary. A person with a high school qualification will usually receive more responsibilities depending on the highest grade passed. 

Recommended school subjects: Mechanics, Physical Education and Sciences

A Farm Worker usually gets on-the-job training. 

Any extra qualifications or training would be extremely advantageous.  This will help you get promotion, more responsibilities and more pay.

  • Agricultural Colleges

Farm Workers can attend basic or advanced courses at agricultural and local colleges.
The courses cover a wide variety of aspects concerned with farming that can be divided into 3 main categories, namely:

  • Agricultural & Horticultural Training

Courses on livestock, (eg care of small animals, dairy and stud-cattle, pigs, chickens, etc) and the use of milking-machines, as well as courses on agricultural crops and horticulture (eg vegetable farming, fruit farming, etc) are available.

  • Mechanical & Building Training

Training courses are available to learn to drive tractors, combine harvesters, light and heavy farm vehicles.  Mechanics and maintenance is also covered.
Building and construction courses include welding, maintenance, construction methods, fencing etc.

  • Business and Informal Training

Courses in management, occupational safety, computer training are available.  For some, there are also courses in home care, home management, sewing and upholstery.


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Is becoming a Farmer Worker the right career choice for me?