An Agronomist’s job is to investigate field crop problems and develop new and improved growing methods for higher yields or better quality. This includes crops such as corn, maize, grain sorghum, peanuts, sunflower, cotton, sugar-cane, potatoes and forage.


Beekeepers are also known as honey farmers or apiarists. A Beekeeper is a person who keeps honey bees in hives or boxes. The bees are free to come and go. Honey bees produce honey, beeswax and royal jelly, propolis (bee glue and bee antiseptic) and queen bees.

Bird (Avian) Farm Manager

A Bird (Avian) Farm Manager specialises in breeding various types of birds. For example: exotic species for pet shops or export or breeding chicks for poultry and/or egg-producing farmers.

Farm Worker

A Farm Worker is a person who is hired to work on a farm. Depending on the size and type of farm, the work may be either part-time (seasonal) or full time (permanent).

Farmer (Crops)

Crop Farmers grow the same plant on a large scale for economic purposes for the food and clothing industry. For example: wheat, corn, rice, sugar, vegetables, fruit, cotton, hemp etc. Some crop farmers might specialise in other kinds of plants like lavender, herbs, fresh flowers etc.

Farmer (Livestock)

Livestock Farmers will usually farm one kind of animal for food (meat, eggs, milk etc) or for clothing (leather, wool, feathers etc). For example: cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, game, poultry, fish, bees, etc.

Farming Consultant

A Farming Consultant is like a farm owner’s right hand person. A Farming Consultant’s job is to assist a farm owner in almost every aspect of their farm. It therefore stands to reason that Farming Consultants need to have a very varied and up-to-date knowledge base.


Floriculture may be a bright and colourful career choice for you! Floriculture, or flower growing businesses produce fresh and dried flowers and foliage for a mixture of markets such as wholesale flower markets, florists and retail outlets, and in some cases for export.

Game Farm Manager

In South Africa, Game Farm Managers are responsible for breeding and rearing of high quality game animals (eg zebra, springbok, rhino, etc) for resale. They participate in game captures to fulfil orders placed by buyers and ensure the safety and well- being of the animals during capturing.

Grain Grader

A Grain Grader works in a laboratory and through examination, tests and various calculations etc, they class and grade the grain according to its quality.

Mixed Crop Farmer

Becoming a Mixed Crop Farmer entails the raising of two or more crops in the same area at the same time. These crops may include maize, fruit, flowers, etc.

Stud and Stable Manager

Horse racing is a huge industry in SA. It’s growing and contributes a lot to our national economy. Stud and Stable Managers are equine (horse) specialists who look after and manage the horses whole they’re in the stables.

Trout Farmer

Trout farmers ‘farm’ trout for commercial purposes. Most Trout Farmers have their own farms, from which they run commercial trout fishing operations.


Viticulturists are also known as grape growers. The job of a Viticulturist is to grow grapes for the purpose of making wine.

Wildlife / Game Farmer

Wildlife / Game Farmer is a wildlife animal breeder either for conservation or for hunters.

Wool Classer

The job of a Wool Classer is to sort, classify and grade wool into various types so that it can be sold at the best market price.