Hotel Porter



What is a Hotel Porter?

A Hotel Porter is similar to a Hotel Bellman except that a Porter usually works outside the hotel and the Bellman generally works inside the hotel. 

A Hotel Porter needs to be neat and tidy and extremely professional because they are the very first person a guest encounters when arriving at a hotel. They assist guests with their luggage.

A Porter should always be polite when addressing guests to make them feel welcome. 

Porters usually work for tips so it is essential that they do their job to the best of their abilities, being cheerful and helpful at all times.

For some, being a Porter may be the first step to entering the world of hospitality. If you show keenness and do your job well, the hotel might send you for further training and you can then work yourself up the corporate ladder.

What does a Hotel Porter do?

  • welcomes guests to the hotel
  • collects luggage from guests when they arrive at the main entrance
  • makes sure the right luggage goes to the right room
  • arranges luggage into taxis, buses or other vehicles when guests leave
  • runs small errands for guests if required
  • keeps guests content at all times
  • evacuates and assists guests in an emergency
  • assists with movement of furniture in the hotel, if necessary
  • holds the door open for guests

Are you … ?

  • wanting to work in the hotel industry?
  • always helpful and polite?
  • observant and attentive?
  • neat, tidy and professional?
  • strong, healthy and fit?
  • a team player?
  • a person with good people skills?
  • a person with a positive attitude?
  • willing to work unusual hours or shift work?

How do I become a Hotel Porter?

No formal training is required. A high school certificate would be advantageous, but not necessary. 

Good people skills, physical strength and a keen work ethic are very important.  You must want to serve and be helpful at all times.

Being Hotel Porter is your stepping stone to bigger and brighter future in the Hotel and Tourism Industry. It’s up to you.

Once the company sees that you are serious about your future and that you’re a hard worker – either you can ask for training or they may offer you training.

2 x Pieces of Advice:

  • Avoid asking for training unless you’ve been with the company at least a year. Two weeks or one month doesn’t really show you’re committed.
  • While working as a Hotel Porter try and get some training on the side through night school or online. Once you have some extra skills – you can then show your boss how determined you are about your future. Prove to the company you’re serious.

Effort = Reward!

If you are persistent and patient and you show the company you really want it, you could eventually see yourself in a better position with better pay.


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Is becoming a Hotel Porter the right career choice for me?


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