Marine Biologist



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Other names for Marine Biologist:

Aquatic Biologist
Fisheries Analyst
Fisheries Biologist
Fisheries Researcher
Fisheries Scientist

What is a Marine Biologist?

A Marine Biologist studies, observes, protects or manages ocean organisms, which range from microscopic life forms to large whales.  

Marine Biologists spend a good amount of time researching a particular field of interest, whether in labs or in the sea itself – then specializing in it.

For example, a Marine Biologist can specialize in a particular species of jellyfish, the feeding behaviours of, the reproduction of or,  the development of new techniques to research jellyfish.

A Marine Biologist usually has a scuba diving certificate in addition to a university degree. Many with advanced degrees in marine biology pursue professorships in conjunction with their research pursuits.

What does a Marine Biologist do?

  • conducts observations and experiments
  • identifies, classifies, and studies the different aspects of marine plant and animal species
  • studies the relationship between organisms and their environment
  • collects and analyses biological data
  • keeps fish populations healthy in aquariums
  • reviews and writes reports
  • analyses behaviours
  • cultivates, breeds and grows aquatic life
  • teaches students
  • attends conferences

Are you . . . ?

  • in love with nature and the oceans?
  • creative?
  • curious?
  • persistent?
  • like to read?
  • passionate about research?
  • inquisitive?

How do I become a Marine Biologist?

You will first need a degree in Zoology – see under Zoologist on our website for study details.

Once you have completed your Zoology degree you can go on to do a post-graduate degree in Marine Biology:



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Is becoming a Marine Biologist the right career choice for me?