Photogrammetrist prepare detailed maps by studying and identifying the changes in the natural or artificial physical features of area, using aerial and ground photography and satellite images. Most of the areas photographed are inaccessible or difficult to survey by other methods.

What they do:
They operate stereoscopic viewing machines (devices used to view two photographs of the same area, taken at slightly different angles, together) to manipulate their photographic images in order to produce accurate perspective images, and check the data for accuracy. They will then change the drawings where necessary. They may also use computers and dedicated software (such as CAD or GPS packages) to produce graphic images for their clients. Once the map is completed accurately, they oversee the final production of the map. When the map is printed they are also responsible for the quality assurance on the end product. They work mostly on projects commissioned by architects and surveyors.
Where to study:
Universities: UP, RU, UFS, UJ, Wits, UCT
Universities of Technology: CPUT, TUT
Companies to work for:
Aerial mapping companies, construction companies, multi disciplinary firms, private survey companies, engineering firms, architectural firms, government departments, hydrographic/ marine companies