Tourist Guide: Agri-tourism



What is Agri-tourism?

When tourists or private South Africans visit and stay on working farms (cotton, cattle etc) or wineries, buy farm  products, enjoy local entertainment, participate in activities, shop in a country store, or eat a local meal – this is all part of agri-tourism. 

Agri-tourism, although new, is a rapidly growing industry in South Africa.

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What is an Agri-Tourism Guide?

An Agri-Tourism Tourist Guide is therefore a person who specialised in tours that will assist tourists to enjoy and get the maximum benefits from their agri-tour experience. 

These tours may entail driving from one farm to another over long distances, or some might be more adventurous and cycle, hike or horseback from one farm to another if the distances are shorter.  For example: through the Cape winelands.

These tours allow participants like tourists to escape the stresses of traffic, the office and day to day home life.  Parents have recently realised that it’s important for their children to know how food is grown. Children need to know that milk actually comes from a cow – and not a carton!

What does an Agri-Tourism Guide do?

  • meeting and greeting members of their tour
  • co-ordinating accommodation and transport
  • being enthusiastic and helpful at all times
  • dealing with enquiries and complaints from their tour group
  • loading or unloading baggage or other equipment
  • making sure that tour members are comfortable and safe
  • attending to unforeseen problems
  • providing first aid where necessary
  • being able to deal calmly with emergencies (eg heart attacks, car accidents, etc)
  • making themselves available to their group at all times (24-7)

Are you … ?

  • passionate about the outdoors?
  • adventurous?
  • a person with good communication skills?
  • extremely knowledgeable and skilled about your subject?
  • organised?
  • a peoples’ person?
  • friendly, patient and easy going?
  • calm under pressure?
  • able to control groups of people?
  • physically strong and fit?
  • responsible?

How do I become an Agri-Tourism Guide?

To become a Tourist Guide a person must complete one (or more) Tourist Guide qualifications registered with CATHSSETA.  They must be registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

NOTE: It is illegal to conduct guided tours without the proper qualification or registration.


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Is becoming a Agri- Tourism Guide the right career choice for me?

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