Tour Bus Driver

The job of a Tour Bus Driver is to drive a bus professionally, usually for a tour company. He/she carries passengers safely from one destination to another. Some Tour Bus Drivers work locally (in cities) and others nationally (driving passengers from one city to another). They drive specific routes according to specified time schedules.

Tourist Guide

A Tour Guide is a recognised profession in the tourism sector.
Tour Guides fall into 3 main categories: Nature, Culture and Adventure.
A Tourist Guide must be passionate and have in-depth knowledge of their subject. They must be confident enough to answer questions put to them by tourists.

Tourist Guide: Adventure

If the outdoor life is your attraction and your adventurous spirit cannot be tamed – becoming an Adventure Tourist Guide could be the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Tourist Guide: Agri-tourism

Does visiting working farms, wineries and other areas of the agricultural industry make you stand up and listen. Perhaps then a career as an Agritourism Guide is something to look in to.

Tourist Guide: Cultural

A Cultural Tourist Guide is a tour guide who specialises in a particular field like history, art, food etc.

Tourist Guide: Nature

A Nature Tourist Guide is passionate about nature and usually specialises in a particular field like birds, trees or rock formations etc. A Nature Tourist Guide will share their information and passion with tourists.