Wind Analyst

What is a Wind Analyst?

Wind is a FREE and renewable energy resource.  This is an important factor for scientists if we want to create a sustainable energy supply without damaging our planet.

A Wind Analyst is a meteorological professional who studies the ‘way and flow’ of the winds by using advanced scientific models and equipment. 

Wind Analysts study the effects of wind to determine exactly where to build wind farm sites to get the maximum power out of the wind in that area.  They are meteorological (weather) experts. 

What does an Wind Analyst do?

  • traveling from one site to another to set up equipment
  • studying wind patterns using specialised technological equipment
  • collating statistics
  • locating wind farm sites
  • creating a wind maps
  • planning new wind farm sites
  • advising various organisations, government etc on wind energy
  • writing reports
  • attending conferences etc

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in science?
  • inquisitive?
  • wanting to help our planet?
  • a person interested in ‘green’ occupations?
  • a person who recycles?
  • willing to travel?
  • interested in working in very  windy conditions?
  • technically astute?
  • willing to do in-depth research?

How do I become a Wind Analyst?

Studying meteorology would probably be your best option.  See Meteorologist on our website for more details.

Most universities in South Africa offer courses in environmental science.  Check your local university for details. 


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Ecologist or Cartographer

Is becoming a Wind Analyst the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.