Bricklayers are in demand! Without Bricklayers, houses, factories, hospitals, schools, museums etc CANNOT be built. A Bricklayer is therefore, an important team member on the construction site. A Bricklayer’s job is to construct and repair walls etc.


If you would like a job at the ‘cutting-edge’ of the building industry and you’d like to work with glass and mirrors – then a job as a Glazier might be the career path you’re looking for. Glaziers are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing, replacing and removing all types of glass and mirrors.


Handymen / Handypersons repair and maintain buildings, mechanical equipment, machines, electrical equipment, heating systems, air-conditioning, and even plumbing systems. They solve small problems before they become large, serious ones.

House Builder

A House Builder constructs, repairs and maintains homes and small buildings. If you’re interested in construction and would like to work mainly outdoors, this may be the career you’re looking for.


Every or most buildings (new and old) need painting done, inside and out and that means – good Painters are in demand! A Painter is a person who prepares and paints buildings, walls, ceilings, woodwork, railings, stairwells and banisters etc.


Plasterers are in demand! Plasterers are needed in the construction of buildings and homes, specifically when new walls are needed.


Plumbers are in demand! Everyone needs a Plumber sometime in their life! They are very important trades people. If they work hard they can make a lot of money. Plumbers specialize in installing and maintaining systems used for drinking water, sewage, heating, air-conditioning, drainage and industrial process plant piping.


Are you an adrenalin junkie? If you are, then maybe a job as Rigger, is the job for you. Their job can, at times, be very dangerous, but very exciting at the same time. A Rigger is a tradesperson who specialises in rope-work which is used in lifting tackle, installing and maintaining steel cables, erecting chimneys, moving heavy machinery etc.


A Roofer is a person who specialises in the construction of a roof. Their job is to build the rafters, beams and trusses which will form the skeleton for the roof. Roofers also specialise in waterproofing, guttering and flashing.


Shopfitting is the trade of designing and fitting out retail and service shops and stores with equipment, fixtures and fittings. These could vary from jewellery stores, to supermarkets, to restaurants, to gyms, hotels etc. This particular job is very exciting because each project is completely different to the next.


If you’re a frustrated sculptor and dream about using your sculpturing skills in the building trade – then becoming a Stonemason – may be the job you’re looking for. A Stonemason is an artisan who specializes in working with stone. Masonry includes everything from carving headstones to creating finishes on buildings.

Tiler (Wall and Floor)

A Tiler is a person who works on a building site or in an existing building where renovations are taking place. Their job is to fit tiles to the inside or outside of a building. Tilers lay floor tiles, tile bathrooms and kitchens or fit tiles anywhere in …or outside the building where tiles are required.

What other careers are found in Construction?

There are artisan / trade jobs found in construction and there are other more specialised careers found in construction. If you’re interested in building and construction, check these jobs and their training options out.