Call / Contact Centre Manager

A Call / Contact Centre Manager is in charge of a call centre, its operations and staff. Some call centres are extremely large with a very big staff base while others may only have a handful of employees.

Call Centre Agent / Operator

A Call Centre Agent / Operator is a person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a usually, a large business or corporation. A Call Centre Agent / Operator may handle account inquiries, customer complaints or technical support problems.

Inbound Call Operator

Inbound Call Centre Operators must have excellent communication and problem solving skills and be able to assist clients with a positive and professional image.

Outbound Call Operator

Does spending time on the telephone promoting or selling products excite you? Consider a position in telemarketing as an Outbound Call Operator – this may just be the career you’re looking for. Outbound Call Agents are sales representatives. Their job is to promote and sell products to new and old customers over the phone.


Do you love talking to people on the phone? Do you have a good, clear telephone voice? Are you persuasive? Could you sell honey to bees? If you said YES, YES, YES and YES – You might consider becoming a Telemarketer!