Camera Operator

Camera Operators work on film/motion pictures, videos, television shows and commercials. The job of a Camera Operator or cinematographer is to physically operate the camera and its movement whilst monitoring the composition and the camera angles throughout the scene or shot.

Casting Director

As a Casting Director, your job is to organise and facilitate the choosing (casting) of actors for all the roles in a film or advertisement. Casting Directors must know exactly why each actor is suitable for a particular role when casting them to ensure the best possible end product.


Being a Composer or a songwriter is rarely a full-time job. This is a role that many musicians take on at some stage in their careers while having another job.

Disc Jockey

A Disc Jockey (DJ), is a person who carefully chooses and plays recorded music for a particular audience.

Film Director

A Film Director is the person responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing every aspect of making a movie/film. They are involved from the very start to the finish.

Film Producer

A Film Producer creates the conditions for making movies for television and movie advertisements. The Film Producer’s job is to initiate, coordinate and supervise all arrangements involved in the manufacture of this creative area.

Film Production Designer

A Film Production Designer’s job it to be responsible for the ‘look’ of the movie/television programme or music video and advert.
The Film Production Designer works closely with both the director and producer and together they will decide the ‘style’ and ‘look’ of the production.

Food Stylist

A Food Stylist is a culinary professional whose job is to create a perfect, artistic and realistically-finger-licking food scene so that the photographer can take photos for a cookbook, magazine, brochure, website, commercial, television or movie set etc.

Make-up Designer

Make-up Designers work with all kinds of performers, models, and celebrities. No two days are the same. If you enjoy variety in your life, you couldn’t pick a better occupation.
See also ‘Make-Up Artist’ on our website for more details.

Set Designer (Film Industry)

A Set Designer is responsible for taking the ideas of the Film Production Designer, researching the concept and making these ideas come to life. These ideas need to be as authentic and believable as possible.

Sound Designer (Multimedia)

Does the exciting world of sound and film excite you? A Sound Designer is an artist who works alongside the director of a movie or TV production to shape the overall consistent soundtrack. Their jobs is to exploit the expressive possibilities of sound as a medium.

Sound Engineer

Engineering and sound your passion? Why not consider a career in the world of Sound Engineering where you will be a part of audio science dealing with the recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical and electronic means.

Sound Operator

A Sound Operator (radio, television and film) is responsible for recording the sound tracks for productions and the broadcast thereof. A Sound Operator generally works on television productions (for live news and sports coverage, soaps etc) or for radio.

Sound Technician

A Sound Technician’s main job is to ensure that the sound for a live or recorded session is as clear and as perfect as possible. Sound Technicians can work on television, radio, film or video productions, or stage performances.

Special Effects Artist

Special Effects (FX) Artists are responsible for the creation of effects that will enhance the feel, emotion or setting of a particular production. They work in the theatre, television and/or the movie industry. A Special Effects Artist is a very creative person who creates realistic scenes using a broad variety of mediums.

Sports Commentator / Announcer

A Sports Commentator/Announcer is a person who works at a radio station or in television and will give a live running commentary of a sports event, like soccer cricket, rugby, horse racing etc.

Stunt Person

A Stunt Person is an individual (man or woman) who replaces an actor during a dangerous or extremely athletic scene. Their job is to replace the actor because they are more skilled at performing the task safely than the actor who may not be able to perform the task at all.

Television Director

A Television Director plans and co-ordinates various aspects of television production, such as selecting scripts, co-ordinating writing, directing, editing and arranging financing.

Television Presenter

TV Presenters are the ‘faces of tv’ and are regularly seen in a variety of programmes, or between programmes.

Television Producer

A TV Producer’s job is to plan and organise all aspects of a television production. They need to know exactly what the audience wants. Plus, the better the quality the programme – the more advertisers will be interested which means the more they can charge advertising agencies to air their ads.