Aerodynamics is the study of air motion, particularly when it interacts with a solid object. Aerodynamists usually work in the design department of aeroplanes, spacecraft, vehicles including racing cars, ships and sailing vessels. They can even assist urban planners.

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of engineering where you work with the latest technology. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineers are mechanical engineers who work to develop new technology for aviation, space exploration and airborne defence systems.

Aeronautical Engineering Technician

An Aeronautical Engineer Technician or Operations Technician usually assist or work alongside an aeronautical engineer. Their main job is to help in the development of new aircraft and space vehicles. They help design, build, test and maintain parts for air and spacecraft.

Aeronautical Engineering Technologist

Aeronautical Engineering Technologists assist Aeronautical Engineers. They work with the design and construction of aircraft. They are in charge of analysing and modifying existing or new aeronautical technologies and/or systems.

Aerospace Operations Technician

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering which studies design, construction and the science of aircraft and spacecraft. If you have a love of aeroplanes together with a passion for mechanics or design, this would be good career choice for you.

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

Are you safety conscious? Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics help to maintain aircraft. They replace and repair all the mechanical components of all types of aircraft. They also perform routine inspections, and check all the systems.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Mechanic is to keep planes operating safely and efficiently. People’s lives are at stake which makes this job extremely important. Aircraft Mechanics regularly service aircraft, overhaul engines and parts and test the every-day smooth running of the aeroplanes.

Marine Engineer

A Marine Engineer is responsible for research and development of new marine vessels and equipment.

Marine Engineering Technologist

A Marine Engineering Technologist usually works alongside a Marine Engineer. They design and construct various marine vessels, offshore platforms and marine equipment. They could work for the military, large ship building companies or companies that manufacture marine components and parts, like engines, etc.