Artist – Mosaic

A Mosaic Artist is very creative. A Mosaic Artist creates colourful images and pieces of art from small or broken pieces of glass, stones, tiles, ceramics, metal, mirrors and beads etc.


A Ceramist is a professional artist who makes a living from making things out of clay.

Computer Engineering Mechanic

A Computer Engineering Mechanic is a ‘trade or artisan’ job. A Computer Engineering Mechanic assists with support, maintenance, installations, testing and repairing hardware of computers.

Computer Network Technician

A Computer Network Technician works with computer networks and data communications systems. They help set up, maintain and fix these systems.


Do you have an eye for detail? Are you good with your hands? Would you like to leave a ‘mark’ on other peoples’ treasures? If so, maybe becoming an Engraver, is the right career path for you. An Engraver is a skilled artisan. They engrave (‘cut’) delicately fine graphics or lettering into different types of material.

Engraver or Etcher

An Engraver or Etcher is a trained individual who is able to put images or lettering onto various items.

Gas Practitioner

Gas Practitioners are in demand! They’re specialised tradespersons. They are registered with SAPGA and authorised by the SAQCC (Gas) to conduct work in the pipeline natural gas industry. Qualified Gas Practitioners may work on domestic, commercial or industrial levels.


Hairdressers cut, colour and style both mens’, womens’ and childrens’ hair. Hairdresser are highly skilled, creative and talented people.

Mobile Phone Technician

The world is going ‘wireless’ which means more and more mobile phones are being sold every day. That means too, that the world needs more and more Mobile Phone Technicians.


A Patternmaker is a skilled artisan who designs and makes patterns or templates. They are often found in the clothing and fashion industries. They could also work in the following industries: like Building (working with carpenters etc), Car and Machinery


Radiotricians install, test repair and maintain radar and radio equipment for aircraft, ships and other forms of transport.


Signwriting these days is usually done by a computer-driven signwriting company. However, some clients still prefer a traditional Sign Writer.

A traditional Sign Writer will paint by hand the sign (logos and lettering) where required.

Survival Equipment Fitter

Are you responsible? Are you dependable? Are you passionate about working in the military? Think about becoming a Survival Equipment Fitter. This just may be the job you’re looking for!

Telecommunications Cable Jointer

A Telecommunications Cable Jointer works in telecommunications. They are in charge of cable installations and repairs to copper and fibre optic cables. They work on cables in underground pipes, and overhead systems.