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A:  The reason is that B Admin graduates will deal with numbers in their work most of the time. So you must LOVE and be GOOD at Maths to succeed.

If you do not have the marks or only have Maths Lit, perhaps you need to ask yourself ‘What kind of work do I want to do when I have this degree? And then choose the degree that is more in line with your interest.

Here are some jobs which people with a Bachelor of Administration would be doing:

Accountants are good with numbers, detail-oriented, and enjoy helping others. They work with both people and companies to make sense of their money and taxes. Accountants also prepare financial documents and ensure that tax operations go smoothly.

Financial Advisor
Much like accountants, financial advisors ensure the financial health of people and companies. However, financial advisors do not work with taxes. Inserted, they manage, allocate, and use money to make people and businesses successful. Financial advisors also help people and companies to make smart financial decisions by helping them to assess risk.

Marketers plan, direct, and coordinate marketing efforts for businesses. They determine the demand for goods and services as well as developing a strategy to maximize profits on those goods and services. Marketers also oversee the development of products and monitor trends within the business’ target markets.

Those who go into marketing can also work in advertising or other creative and media fields, which relate to the function of marketing.

Commodities Trader
Whether on behalf of a firm or an individual, commodities traders buy and sell commodity contracts. Commodities can be anything from oranges to shoelaces and they are bought and sold as futures, options, and other financial derivatives. Commodities traders are organized, detail-oriented people with a solid understanding of economics and business.

Human Resources
People who work in human resources ensure the safety and happiness of a company’s employees. Human resource managers work to hire new employees, as well as maintaining employee records and policies, counseling and disciplining employees, and handling scheduling.

Loan Officer
Loan officers work in banks and lending companies to evaluate, authorize, and recommend approval or denial f loans to people and businesses. They generally have a solid finance background and are also good with numbers and money.

Real Estate Agent
Real estate brokers or agents are people who help others to buy, sell, and rent properties. Brokers are licensed to work on their own, while agents must work for a licensed broker. There are two types of real estate brokers or agents, commercial and residential. Although real estate agents must go through licensing exams, also having a BBA is a good first step to becoming an agent.

At every level of business, there are managers who keep things running smoothly. They are in charge of everything from running the day-to-day operations of a retail store to sourcing materials for large production facilities. No matter what type of business you would like to work in, if you’re hoping to enter info management, a BBA can also give you the necessary tools to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who organize and operate businesses. They generally create new businesses and are both creative and organized. In the past couple of decades, with the rise of the internet, entrepreneurs have also become more and more common. Entrepreneurs are behind start-ups everywhere.


There are more jobs here under Business Administration:

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