IN DEMAND: If you think Accounting is a boring office job…think again! Accountancy has become an exciting career that involves working with the latest accounting software and staying current with rapidly changing business and professional trends.

Accounting Technician

If you are someone who loves working with figures – but would prefer not to train further at a university, you could consider becoming an Accounts Clerk.


If your favourite subject at school is Mathematics and you’re really good at it, becoming an Actuary might be a good career choice for you. You have to have a sharp mind and be prepared to work hard, but it will be worth it. Actuaries are extremely well paid.

Administration Officer

An Administration Officer is responsible for various administrative duties including the setting up and running of administrative systems, typing of letters and reports and arranging meetings. These are just a few of the functions involved.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Managers plan and direct all areas of the advertising arena. It’s the job of the Advertising Manager to plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services. They work with customers, company officials, sales departments and advertising agencies.

Agricultural Manager

Agricultural Manager’s job is to guide and assist farmers in maximizing the financial returns to their land by managing the day-to-day activities. Their duties and responsibilities vary widely.

Airline Station Manager

The job of an Airline Station Manager is to manage all flight & ground operations at an airport. Depending on the size of the airport the Airline Station Manager might even sell tickets and help with baggage etc.

Amusement Centre Manager

Amusement Centre Managers perform a variety of duties at amusement or recreation facilities to make sure the centre runs smoothly.

Animal Production Manager

Are you able to work alone or as part of a team and do you have a love of animals and the outdoors? The job of an Animal Production Manager is to co-ordinate and manage the day to day tasks in animal production on a farm. This might be the career you’re looking for!

Appraiser (Real Estate)

The job of a Valuer / Appraiser is a responsible one. They establish the monetary worth of a property so that Estate Agents can assist buyers and sellersto get the best deal.

Art Director

Art Director’s job is to oversee the artistic design of advertisements and print materials, as well as the filming of television commercials. They are the decision makers who are responsible for the quality of the finished product.


Auctioneers sell various kinds of property at public sales. Auction sales may be held for individuals or businesses or by court order. Most Auctioneers specialize in one type of merchandise, such as antiques, livestock, real estate, industrial equipment, or inventory liquidation.


It is the job of an Auditor to examine accounts in order to see how well organisations control their finances. Auditors are usually qualified accountants who specialise in audit, and they can be external or internal auditors. Employment opportunities for Auditors are excellent. The demand for their skills is huge, so the financial rewards are generally more attractive than in most other careers.

B&B Manager / Owner

A B&B Manager / Owner is responsible for the day-to-day management of a B&B (bed and breakfast) and its staff. They are also in charge of al the planning, organising and directing all services, including front-of-house (reception, reservations, housekeeping etc).

B&B Manager / Owner

A B&B Manager / Owner is responsible for the day-to-day management of a B&B (bed and breakfast) and its staff. They are also in charge of al the planning, organising and directing all services, including front-of-house (reception, reservations, housekeeping etc).

Bank Manager

Bank Managers are responsible for making sure that the bank functions as it should on a daily and annual basis. Bank Managers need to know how each aspect of their bank and the banking world functions so that they know what it takes to oversee each department.

Bank Teller

A Bank Teller works in a bank and a Teller usually works in a building society which is like a bank. The main job or responsibility of a Teller is to receive and pay out money and process the necessary documentation.

Banking Analyst

A Banking Analyst is a highly professional person who researches and studies financial information to help banks and other financial institutions. Money is very precious and everyone is worried about their money so very important decisions have to be made.

Bird (Avian) Farm Manager

A Bird (Avian) Farm Manager specialises in breeding various types of birds. For example: exotic species for pet shops or export or breeding chicks for poultry and/or egg-producing farmers.


A Bookkeeper does basic accounting duties but is NOT a qualified accountant. Sometimes, Bookkeepers work alongside accountants in larger firms. A Bookkeeper, therefore, requires a lot less training than an accountant and has fewer responsibilities.

Brand Manager

A Brand Manager’s most important job is to manage the sales and image of a product or service or entire company. They manage and control all aspects of marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s a very important job that effects all the departments and lower level senior positions, right down to entry level workers.

Budget Analyst

A Budget Analyst’s main tasks are to prepare and advise on budgets within company or organisation. It’s a difficult to job to distribute the monies effectively and efficiently so that the company can operate at the best level. If these tasks are not executed correctly, the organisation could go bankrupt.

Business Analyst

Are you a problem solver? Are you interested in computer technology? Are you interested in how business works in general? If you are, then choosing the career path of a Business Analyst might be the right route for you!

Call / Contact Centre Manager

A Call / Contact Centre Manager is in charge of a call centre, its operations and staff. Some call centres are extremely large with a very big staff base while others may only have a handful of employees.

Call Centre Agent / Operator

A Call Centre Agent / Operator is a person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a usually, a large business or corporation. A Call Centre Agent / Operator may handle account inquiries, customer complaints or technical support problems.


A Caretaker’s main job is to make sure that the building and grounds are clean and up to date with maintenance. Depending on the size of the building, the Caretaker may have to manage staff or do all the care-taking themselves.

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a business and financial adviser. They are very well trained and well paid and can work in almost any kind of business and almost anywere in the world. Analyses and evaluates financial information, makes decisions based on this information and plans the implementations of such decisions.

Chartered Secretary

A Chartered Secretary is not a normal admin secretary. Chartered Secretaries hold a very senior managerial position in the company and are usually working their way to becoming a director. They need to make sure all departments are well organised, productive, efficient and profitable. It’s a very responsible job.

Chief Executive Officer – (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer or CEO must decide and plan the way a company or organisation will work. The CEO must lead the company with help from the other managers.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) directs the financial activities of an organisation. It is the duty of the CFO to prepare various papers for the financial report of the organisation.

Chief Information Officer – (CIO)

The CIO (Chief Information Officer) is the link between all the various information technologies within the company and the different departments throughout the company. Their position is to work with IT managers to co-ordinate and help solve information-related problems within the company.

Chief Operating Officer – (COO)

A COO holds a very senior position in the company. They make very important decisions regarding production and employee policies. The COO’s main task is to maximise profits without losing or harming the customer’s experience. They are in charge of making sure the company is running as smoothly as possible.

Clearing & Forwarding Agent

A Clearing & Forwarding Agent can also be known as a Logistics Forwarder / Customs Clearer or Customs Broker. They can work in factories, warehouses, courier companies or companies that deal with import and/or exports.

Clearing & Forwarding Agent

A Clearing & Forwarding Agent can also be known as a Logistics Forwarder / Customs Clearer or Customs Broker. They can work in factories, warehouses, courier companies or companies that deal with import and/or exports.

Clothing Manager

They are in charge of quality standards and that the clothes are manufactured to the right price, specifications and on time. They are in charge of quality standards and that the clothes are manufactured to the right price, specifications and on time.

Company Secretary

Company Secretaries form part of the executive team of an organisation. They act as an important link between individual departments in the company and the board of directors.

Contract Manager

A Contract Manager has a very responsible job. They’re charge of contracts between company and its suppliers and customers. They work in a variety of different industries, government, NGO’s and other organisations where contracts need to be drawn up. Every contract is unique and needs to be tailor-made to suit a particular situation.

Corporate Cleaner

A Corporate Cleaner is like a domestic worker but they work for a cleaning company. Together, in a team, the Corporate Cleaners clean different places like offices, hospitals, schools, gyms etc.

Corporate General Manager

A Corporate General Manager needs to have a basic understanding of all the departments in the company. They need to know and oversee all other managers and supervisors. They need to motivate their senior staff to make sure that the employees are working competently and efficiently.

Corporate Service Manager

A Corporate Services Manager holds a senior position in the company. Depending on what industry the Corporate Services Manager works in, their job description could be slightly different. They manage the relationship between the company and its customers. They work closely with HR, marketing and PR departments.

Cost and Accounting Assistant

Cost Accounting Assistants help accountants and chartered accountants with all the financial and accounting duties for the company.


Couriers collect and deliver documents and packages from companies and private residences. They usually use light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and in some cases deliver on foot.

Creative Director

Do you have a wonderfully imaginative and creative mind? Does the world of advertising excite you? As a Creative Director you will be responsible in developing high-level concepts for design projects and company branding.

Credit Controller

A Credit Controller works in the financial department. Their main job can vary depending on the company but here are some examples of where their focus may lie: Preparing and sending invoices on credit accounts – Assisting clients – Making sure credit invoices are settled – Checking to see if new customers qualify for credit – Checking to see how much credit new clients can get.

Credit Manager

A Credit Manager’s main job is to collect the money owed on services rendered or products sold. Some companies employ Credit Managers to track these payments and even take part in face-to-face collection or implement necessary legal action. The Credit Manager works together with the accounting department, banks and credit agencies.

Crop Production Manager

Crop Production Managers are responsible for managing staff and workers to produce crops on farms. They oversee and co-ordinate the planting, irrigation, spraying, weeding, harvesting and grading of crops.

Customer Service Manager

If you like working and helping people and have a passion for business, then maybe becoming a Customer Service Manager is the right career path for you! Customer Service Managers may also be known as Customer Care Agents, Customer Relations Managers or Corporate Service Managers.

Data Entry Operator (Data Capturer)

Calling guys and girls – A Data Entry Operater is a Data Capturer. Their main task is to enter information (data) onto the computer. The important information needs to be captured accurately and then stored on the company’s database. A Data Entry Operator needs to touch type accurately and quickly.

Database Administrators

The main job of a Database Administrator is to manage the installation and functions of the IT software on a database system, used by many employees.

Day Care Centre Manager/Owner

Day Care Centre Managers run day care centres that care for children before and after school and during school holidays. Sometimes the day care centre will open after school and during school holidays as well.

Day Spa General Manager

A Day Spa General Manager generally works in a hotel, resort or safari lodge. They are in charge of the daily running of the spa as well as monitoring and managing staff, ordering stock and making sure that the guests/clients are satisfied with their spa treatments.

Debtors Clerk

A Debtors Clerk works in the accounting department of a company and is in charge of keeping records of customers’ accounts.


A Board of Directors is a group of elected or appointed people who watch over (babysit) the activities, projects etc of a company. They make sure the company is on track and productive. A Director does not have to be an employee of that company.

Dispatcher / Receiving Clerk

A Dispatch or Receiving Clerk usually works in a warehouse or in a distribution centre or even in a large retail store. This is usually a very busy, responsible job.


Do you love statistics? Do you like following supply and demand trends? Are you interested in world affairs? If you do, then look no further. Becoming an Economist may be the career path for you. The job of an Economist is to research and study a variety of data and statistics to try and predict trends in our ever-changing world economies.

Engineering Manager

An Engineering Manager is in charge of the design & construction of large engineering or process plants.


An Entrepreneur is a risk-taker! They are brave, ambitious and hard working. An Entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business or buys a franchise. The most common problem facing Entrepreneurs is finance. Either you have to have enough money of your own to start a business or manage to access a loan.


An Ergonomist studies and specialise in designing comfortable and efficient items for offices, home studies and factories. An Ergonomist studies anatomy to understand how the body (bones and muscles) work. They then design items like furniture, tools, office environments etc to suit the body so it can work more efficiently.

Estate Agent

The job of an Estate Agent or Estate Agency is the selling, renting or property management of buildings (homes, apartment blocks, offices, malls, other buildings etc). Estate Agents are responsible for the marketing of the property for sale in newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.

Event Manager

Do you have a creative flair and excellent communication skills? Are you friendly, outgoing and spontaneous and have the ability to manage people? Event Management might be the job you’re looking for? Event Managers are in charge and responsible for the event/s.

Film Director

A Film Director is the person responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing every aspect of making a movie/film. They are involved from the very start to the finish.

Financial Manager

A career in finance is all about the management of the money side of a business, organisation or government department.

Financial Planner

A Financial Planner is a highly skilled, professional individual who will sit down with their clients, review all options, and together plan a personal financial package that will benefit the client.

Food & Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for co-ordinating all food and beverage requirements for hotels, conference centres, fast food outlets, lodges and restaurants.

Food & Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for co-ordinating all food and beverage requirements for hotels, conference centres, fast food outlets, lodges and restaurants.

Food Services Manager

A Food Services Manager is a person who is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the supply of food to a large number of people.

Forensic Accountant

A Forensic Accountant has specialised in investigative accounting. They help legal teams when necessary. A Forensic Accountant therefore needs accounting, investigating and legal skills to interpret financial evidence. Forensic Accountants are often called as expert witnesses in a trial.

Forex Trader

A Forex Trader is a specialised investor that focuses on foreign currency. This is a very exciting career as every minute is different. You have to remain sharp, keep calm and pay attention at all times. They study the international currency markets, analyse the data and then make informed decisions to make important trades on time.

Forklift Operator

Forklift Operators are responsible for the load and unloading of trucks. Some Forklift Operators are also required to keep records of incoming and outgoing goods. The may also need to check that goods are not damaged on arrival. Forklift Operators need a licence to drive a forklift.


Franchising is the fastest growing industry in the country. A franchisee is the person who buys a concept/business from the franchisor (seller of concept/business). Many successful entrepreneurs may decide to franchise (or sell) their idea, which results in them not only sharing their success with others, but also earning money from it.

Game Farm Manager

In South Africa, Game Farm Managers are responsible for breeding and rearing of high quality game animals (eg zebra, springbok, rhino, etc) for resale. They participate in game captures to fulfil orders placed by buyers and ensure the safety and well- being of the animals during capturing.

General Manager

The job of a General Manager is to plan, organise, direct and control the daily work in a business or organisation.

Girl Friday

A Girl Friday is also known as an Office Clerk. They are like assistants that help with a variety of tasks around the office, from filing, to typing to answering the phone etc. A Girl Friday can be found in large companies, government departments, schools, hospitals etc.

Health & Safety Manager

A Health & Safety Manager is responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. If you’re reliable and responsible and have no problem following rules, this may be the career you’re looking for.

Health & Safety Manager

A Health & Safety Manager is responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. If you’re reliable and responsible and have no problem following rules, this may be the career you’re looking for.

Horse Stud Manager

A Horse Stud Manager or “stud master” is a person responsible for an employer’s breeding stock. He/she’s is responsible for the stables, breeding, health, training and selling of horses. They are in charge of the promotion and marketing of the stud. This job is mostly office based.

Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager is the person who is responsible for the entire running operations of a hotel. The Hotel Manager will not sit in an office all day but also move around the hotel to make sure everyone is doing their job and that the whole establishment is running smoothly.

Hotel Receptionist

A Hotel/Resort Receptionist is the first person guests speak to at the establishment. They work at the front desk and make sure that all the guests’ needs are taken care of. Their job is to make sure that guests are made to feel welcome at all times.

Human Resource Clerk

A HR Clerk works in the Human Resources department of a company. They are responsible for maintain and updating all the employees records.

Human Resource Manager

Are you fair minded and diplomatic? Can you cope with conflicting points of view? Are you persuasive and pleasant and able to work well with varying personality types? Why not consider a career in Human Resources?

Inbound Call Operator

Inbound Call Centre Operators must have excellent communication and problem solving skills and be able to assist clients with a positive and professional image.

Insurance Broker

An Insurance Broker sells insurance from various insurance companies to clients for Life Insurance – Accident Insurance – Medical Insurance – Industrial / Commercial Insurance – Home Insurance etc. An Insurance Broker will have a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of insurance products and will therefore advise clients on which options would suit them best.

Internal Audit Manager

Internal Audit Managers have a very important advisory job. They are responsible for improving and adding value to the company’s operating procedures. Internal Audit Managers do not implement procedures but they are there to advise all the other managers and the Board of Directors.

Internal Auditor

An Internal Auditor has the very responsible job of researching, evaluating and improving strategies to manage risk, control and governance within a company or organisation.

Job Development Specialist

Job Development Specialists are usually consultants who are hired by companies or organisations. Some Job Development Specialists will specialise in a certain sector like mining, or retail or education while other Job Development Specialists will have broad knowledge of almost all careers. They promote and develop employment and on-the-job training opportunities.

Labour Relations Officer

Labour Relations Officers may work for government or for private companies. A Labour Relations Officer’s main job is to guarantee that both managers and employees are satisfied. They must keep up to date with all labour and wage laws. They must also keep up to date with company policies that relate to employees, for example contracts, wages, working conditions etc.

Leadership Development Specialist

Leadership Development Specialists are responsible for all strategic planning and aspects of leadership development, career paths, succession planning and performance management within organisations. They use different development methods such as on-the-job-training, electronic training, practical training and theoretical training.

Legal Secretary

Legal Secretaries perform secretarial duties in legal firms handling a wide variety of specialised tasks that require knowledge of legal terminology and procedures. Good Legal Secretaries can earn high salaries.

Logistics Manager

A Logistics Manager heads up companies that are involved in the moving, handling or storing goods in any industry – transferring goods and materials from manufacturers and suppliers through to customers. This can be carried out locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Long Term Insurance Broker

A Long Term Insurance Broker sells a wide range of insurance products, including life, disability, dreaded disease cover, income protection policies, endowments, retirement annuity funds, living annuities and compulsory annuities, etc.

Machine Shorthand Reporter

A Machine Shorthand Reporter records the spoken word in a legal court, at parliamentary hearings, during television programming and assisting the deaf and hearing impaired. Machine Shorthand Reporters use shorthand writing, stenotype shorthand machines, and computer-assisted transcription software and sound recording equipment.

Management Accountant

Management Accountants are concerned mainly with finances and how to turn ideas into money. All organisations make use of management accountants for activities such as retrenchment packages or other labour compensation, control, expense calculation, and other areas where expenditure must be analysed and controlled.

Management Analyst

Management Analysts are sometimes referred to as management consultants. They provide corporations and government agencies with the expertise needed to solve management problems quickly.

Management Consultant

Management Consultants are also known as Management Analysts. They analyse management problems and make suggestions to solve them. Management problems can include better control over expenses and stock, re-organising the corporate structure, eliminating duplicated or non-essential managerial positions etc.

Managing Director

A Managing Director holds a very senior position in a company. They are a voting member of the Board of Directors.
Managing Directors are usually directly responsible for the company’s successes and failures. He or she therefore, strives to encourage managers to get the best out of the employees.

Market Researcher

A Market Researcher is employed by companies and/or organisations to study trends in sales, products, brand popularity and services. With this information, the company or organisation can then streamline their business or organisation.

Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is in charge of the marketing department in a company or organisation. It’s a senior position. A Marketing Manager will need to understand the needs and wants of customers and direct the creative and marketing departments to maximise sales for the product/s or service/s.

Medical Secretary

A Medical Secretary is usually the ‘face’ of the practice and the first person a patient sees when arriving for their appointment. Medical Secretaries have the very important job fo making sure the practice is in good running order and that everything runs smoothly and effectively.