Auctioneers sell various kinds of property at public sales. Auction sales may be held for individuals or businesses or by court order. Most Auctioneers specialize in one type of merchandise, such as antiques, livestock, real estate, industrial equipment, or inventory liquidation.

Brand Manager

A Brand Manager’s most important job is to manage the sales and image of a product or service or entire company. They manage and control all aspects of marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s a very important job that effects all the departments and lower level senior positions, right down to entry level workers.

Market Researcher

A Market Researcher is employed by companies and/or organisations to study trends in sales, products, brand popularity and services. With this information, the company or organisation can then streamline their business or organisation.

Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is in charge of the marketing department in a company or organisation. It’s a senior position. A Marketing Manager will need to understand the needs and wants of customers and direct the creative and marketing departments to maximise sales for the product/s or service/s.

Sales Manager

The main job of a Sales Manager is to monitor and control sales in the company. This job also requires the Sales Manager to manage and train the sales team. A Sales Manager holds a very senior position in a company. They will need relevant qualifications, work experience and a bag full of skills.

Sales Representative

A Sales Representative is often called a Rep. They are responsible for selling the company’s products and services. Depending on the company they work for, they could be selling products or services to individuals, other companies or large organisations.