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BPO salaries and benefits.

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All the best contact centres offer competitive rates to their workforce in order to retain and grow their valuable staff. Promotions are intentionally fast-moving and quality workers are awarded the promotions and opportunities, along with the extra incentives or commissions as well as pay increases in some cases.

Most BPO process service types offer financial incentives and commissions for achieving beyond their agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Many of the captive and the very best outsourced centres will provide part or full medical aid, retirement fund, annual bonus and wellness and lifestyle programmes.

Depending on the company you work for,  you may be eligible for added travel benefits when you get promoted to management level. This happens when you are flown to the clients’ operational base to:

  • be part of training for programmes /campaigns
  • to be a part of their awards and recognition events if you have performed at the top of your game and won awards for their company. In these cases, all expenses are paid, including flights, accommodation and sometimes even some spending money is allocated so that you may further enjoy your international or local travel experience with your industry peers.

Personal benefits
“Making new friends all over the world, learning professional excellence by picking up Best Practice is what it’s all about – and an opportunity that not many would turn down. I and many others in Contact Centres have made some firm lifelong friends. I have been lucky enough to engage with business mentors and have successfully and radically grown, both on a personal development and professional front, thanks to BPO.”  – Valerie Grace Roscoe


Basic salaries in Gauteng are generally higher in comparison to the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The difference in salaries can be attributed to the type of work and industries serviced. Back office functions and financial services generally offer higher salaries. The majority of this type of work is done in Gauteng.
Outbound process agents usually start with a lower basic salary but have good financial incentives and commissions. KZN and Western Cape are popular outbound sales locations with high earning potential.

The average entry-level monthly salary for agents:

Between R5 000 – R9 000

The South African Department of Labour standard of paying for sick-leave, special and annual leave applies –  just like any other industry. All public holidays are included. If your centre is servicing the international market then you will work their operational hours and get time off on their bank and public holidays.
Shift work employees are often given transport to their home after shift end for either early morning end or start and there is often food stipend included for these workers too.

Personal wellness 

Many outsourcers have very cool Wellness Programmes that vary from centre to centre. Some may be free to use or there may be a small subsided fee. Wellness Programmes include things like monthly massage and spa moments, Addiction Assistance services, Gym and Health & Lifestyle, Child Care, Psychological counselling, Trauma, and HIV Aids and/or other Dread Disease counselling and support and Conflict Management and Resolution.

Extra benefits

The fun never stops!

Contact centres often have team and department challenges. These team building events provide entertainment and support fundraising initiatives. Team building develops you personally as well as professionally. They can include fancy or theme dress-up days, sporting competitions against other centres, industry awards and year-end functions. Celebration days such as Valentines’ Day, Women’s Day, Mandela Day 67 Minutes activities, Casual Day and Colour Run, are also very popular.

By Valerie Roscoe



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