Character Animator-Games

Have you ever wanted to create your own Super Mario or Zelda? You could bring your own characters to life by becoming a video game Character Animator. Character Animators are in demand!

Computer Game Designer

If you love computer / video games, then being a Computer / Video Game Designer may be your dream job. The computer / video game design industry is a booming and highly competitive industry.

Computer Graphics Animator

Computer games and animation are ever changing and if this is your passion then becoming a Computer Graphics Animator is a job to consider. They’re a specialised graphic designer who works on animating graphics in the video gaming industry.

Film Animator

Film Animators are generally employed by production houses which produce television, film, visual presentations, software games etc. Their main role in a production house is to tell as story through animation or motion graphics using: 2D drawings or 3D models and/or computer generated animation.

Multi-Media Developer

A Multi-Media Developer creates computer animation which includes audio, video and graphic files into multi-media programs. These files can be used in multi-media presentations, gaming environments, info kiosks etc

Web Designer

Web Designer’s job is to create exciting and functional websites that people will return to. Web Designers work with web developers/programmers to plan, build, and maintain websites either working freelance, on contract or consultancy for companies/government, or as part of marketing/advertising firms.